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2024 @ Steenokkerzeel Refugee Centre for unaccompanied minors

This project is an artistic undertaking that aims to highlight the individuality and humanity of unaccompanied child refugees who have arrived in Belgium, each with a unique story. Balancing on the  the right to privacy and the desire to shed light on their story, we use the media of music and photography. Faced with the limitations of portrait rights and the need to protect the identity of these young people, we used the art of mask-making as a symbolic bridge between anonymity and recognition. Through collaborative workshops, the young people create masks that simultaneously serve as shield and canvas, an artistic expression of their identity. At its core, this project challenges prevailing narratives around migration by offering a positive perspective that celebrates the strength and courage inherent in a refugee's journey. By acknowledging the person behind the label, we aim to dispel prejudice and foster a sense of shared humanity. These are not just unaccompanied minors; they are individuals with dreams, talents and stories that deserve recognition.

Through this fusion of art and humanity, we want to generate empathy and understanding and, ultimately, change the way we look at and deal with refugees' stories.

First Workshop Mask Making with Vincent Tillieux ( and Festin Delicatessen (

2021 - 2022 @ Centre de Refugié La Tramontane, Marcinelle, Charleroi